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Those you have been convicted of crimes and paid their debt to society often still find themselves dealing with a stigma due to their prior criminal activity. Having a criminal record is particularly prohibitive when applying for jobs, professional licenses, or housing and can leave individuals ready to be productive members of society languishing. In these cases, an expungement of the individual's criminal record may be the answer.

At AMIN LAW, P.C., we understand that people are defined by more than just their past mistakes. Many of those who have been previously convicted of crimes deserve fair consideration in our communities—and yet many employers tend to discriminate against anyone with a criminal record. Our skilled and trusted San Francisco expungement lawyer is ready to assess your record and, if possible, assuredly navigate you through the expungement process.

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Eligibility for Expungement

Under California law, not every citizen with a prior criminal conviction is eligible for expungement. Some offenses and circumstances are considered too serious or too compromised to set aside.

You are ineligible for expungement if:

  • You were convicted a felony that sent you to state prison
  • You were convicted of a sex crime involving a minor
  • You did not complete probation
  • You are currently charged with a new offense

If you violated your probation, it can still be possible to petition the court to expunge your record. As long has your circumstances do not meet the above criteria, an expungement may be possible. Contact our San Francisco criminal defense attorney today to learn how our firm can advocate for you during this process and secure the very best chances of obtaining and expungement. We can discuss your legal situation

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