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Field Sobriety Test & DUI Arrests

San Francisco DUI Lawyer Leaves No Stone Unturned

When facing potential DUI charges, it is essential to be represented by a San Francisco DUI defense attorney who is willing and able to go to great lengths to make sure your rights were not violated during any moment of your arrest.

AMIN LAW, P.C. begins with looking at the arresting officer's decision to pull you over, making sure he or she had reasonable cause to suspect you were driving under the influence. In addition to investigating your BAC tests, we also delve into the way in which your field sobriety test was, or was not, administered.

This method of determining intoxication can be failed by even sober individuals, and is intended to identify:

  • Whether your eyes are involuntarily drifting
  • Whether you can smoothly follow the movement of an object
  • If you can walk a straight line
  • If you can balance on one foot

Although this is not always the case, unfortunately, field sobriety tests are sometimes used as an excuse for officers to identify "suspicious behavior" and therefore administer a Breathalyzer.

Do I Need a DUI Lawyer?

Attempting to handle your case yourself can result in some of the most intense DUI consequences. License suspension or revocation, jail time, and alcohol rehabilitation programs are just a few of the common sentences that a court can assign people convicted of DUI. Even if we are unable to avoid a conviction, our skilled DUI defense attorney can give you the tools you need to effectively work toward a decreased sentence, protecting as much of your freedoms as possible while making sure that your rights are respected.

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