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Have you or a loved one been accused of a drug-related crime? If so, you AMIN LAW, P.C. is ready to help you. Few criminal charges are alleged as often as drug crimes and our court system is often overburdened with these cases. Our aggressive San Francisco drug crime lawyer is a former public defender with an intimate knowledge or our local courts. We know how to slow criminal justice process down and ensure that you receive every consideration you deserve as a citizen before the law. Whether your first or your fourth drug crime offense, be sure to call us.

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Types of Drug Crimes

Like many other states, California drug statutes are complex. Not only are their numerous different drug offenses that can be charged, but also many degrees of seriousness to each offense depending on the circumstances.

Different drug offenses in California include:

  • Possession of a controlled substance (Health & Safety Code 11350 HS)
  • Possession for sale of narcotics (Health & Safety Code 11351 HS)
  • Sale or transportation of a controlled substance (Health & Safety Code 11352 HS)
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia (Health & Safety Code 11377 HS)
  • Manufacturing drugs and narcotics (Health & Safety Code 11379.6 HS )

Important factors that determine the seriousness of a drug charge include:

  • The type of controlled substance found
  • The amount of the controlled substance found
  • The criminal record of the accused
  • Any aggravating factors (minors, weapons, etc.)

Marijuana Possession in California

While the national attitude towards marijuana may be shifting, it is still a crime to possession marijuana in the state of California. Laws have been adjusted in recent years, but many who are still caught and charged require legal representation to navigate their case to the most favorable outcome possible.

Penalties for marijuana possession in California can include:

  • 28.5 grams or less - $100 fine
  • 28.5 grams or less (and under 18 years old) - 10 days in a detention center and up to $250 in fines
  • More than 28.5 grams - 6 months in jail and up to $500 in fines

These offenses and possible penalties get significantly more serious if it is suspected that the individual is selling, delivering, or cultivating marijuana. No matter what the details for your marijuana or narcotics charge are, our criminal defense firm can help. The San Francisco drug crime attorney at AMIN LAW, P.C. can ensure that any weakness in the state's allegations against you are thoroughly explored and that, above all, your voice is heard.

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